Worry and Anxiety

What’s up guys! Time for one of those infamous devotional runs again! Please be nice to me. 

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Positive Playlist January


I am coming off a holiday high right now, so bear with me as I rumble and rant through this post.

I know, I know, you’re mad at me for not posting in like a hundred years, but I did tell you to subscribe to my YouTube channel in the meantime, and I did upload two episodes of my ATL Adventure show, so can you blame me? (I never got no love.) Anybody get the reference? No? Okay.

I’m super excited that Christmas 2018 and New Years’ 2018 happened and it was GREAT! Sad that it’s over, and even more sad that with the decline of the holiday fuzz comes the onslaught of midterm exams. Nevertheless, I have discovered quite a few singers and songwriters I’d like to make public to you, so that you can have something to play as you wind down your excitement and brace yourselves for the new year.

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New Year // New Us // New Goals

Hi everybody! HAP-HAP-HAPPPPPPPPPY NEW YEAR! It’s Hazel, and I’m so glad to see you again after such a long break! It’s been a while since I updated this blog, unfortunately, but I’m way excited to begin writing again. I’ve been focusing on other, very important, non-blogging projects, such as MY FAMILY, OUR MOVE, and MY EMOTIONAL WELLBEING. Those are very important. I’m also starting a new after school theater…thing, and I have been practicing my audition as well. That’s what been keeping me rather busy, and rather not with you guys, but I’m back!

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Positive Playlist December

Hey guys! *cough*

It’s Mimiko *cough* and I’m *cough* really excited to *cough* see you *cough*. UGH. This is NOT my week. I’ve been really sick lately, and to top it off, I missed Positive Playlist November!

See, Hazel “lost” my post somewhere, and by the time she found it, *cough* the date for November had passed! I was very angry, so she promised me that I could do Positive Playlist December to make up for it, but now I’m sick! *cough* Now I can hardly talk, I drink chicken soup erry day, and I’m miserable!


Anyways, I’m getting paid extra for this because I should be off today for my illness, so let’s get on with it. *cough*

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Meet Mimiko!

Hey hey HEY guys! 

I have a super special announcement to make. You know how I’ve been making all these changes to my blog and stuff? First the name, then the design, then a YouTube channel, and now this super cool change you’ve never seen before. I think I might one of the first bloggers to do this!

(Just kidding I’m really not. Clara from Clara’s Corner does it too.)

I’ve appointed a MASCOT!

What the whattttt?

Her name is Mimiko, and she’s obliged to meet you. (Because if she doesn’t meet you, she’ll get fired. Duh.)

mimiko mascot

Yes! Our new mascot was created on Apple’s new avatar app and can speak to me and to you guys! She looks a lot like me (dark skin, braided hair, signature pink lip gloss, round glasses), but she’s a lot like you guys. She’ll be found in a lot of my latest projects, including the devotional and YouTube channel. If you guys ask her some questions, we’ll do an interview together!

Making this mascot was so freaking fun. I love her. She’s like a computer dolly of me. I’m creating a WP account for her so she can comment on your posts and answer your questions just like I can.

I’m so excited that I created this. It’s one of the coolest things I’ve ever done! And now, Mimiko will introduce herself to you via video.

That’s Mimiko! I’m stoked to have her joining our girly family. She’s going to be heading up the Positive Playlist posts now, so expect to see her again on November 2nd, after my birthday celebration.

That’s it for now. Mimiko went to go bring me some cake as part of her job as my managerial assistant. Cake is an essential tool for business growth, so I need to go eat it. Adios!


What I’m Wearing This Fall

What’s up guys!

I hope you all are super pumped about this post! Today is about fashion––fall fashion. Modest fall fashion.

Today I’m going to show you the top ten or so fall outfits to sport this season. All these outfits were put together by yours truly, so they’re not paid partnerships––they’re my opinions and suggestions. If you like the outfit and want to get it, click the links as they appear in the outfit descriptions.

So let’s get started!

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