Positive Playlist January


I am coming off a holiday high right now, so bear with me as I rumble and rant through this post.

I know, I know, you’re mad at me for not posting in like a hundred years, but I did tell you to subscribe to my YouTube channel in the meantime, and I did upload two episodes of my ATL Adventure show, so can you blame me? (I never got no love.) Anybody get the reference? No? Okay.

I’m super excited that Christmas 2018 and New Years’ 2018 happened and it was GREAT! Sad that it’s over, and even more sad that with the decline of the holiday fuzz comes the onslaught of midterm exams. Nevertheless, I have discovered quite a few singers and songwriters I’d like to make public to you, so that you can have something to play as you wind down your excitement and brace yourselves for the new year.

Everything and More by Hollyn

So, I’m goin’ to the movies all alone
And now I’m smellin’ your cologne
I can’t escape these memories
They’re hauntin’ me, oh

Okay, so I get that the preview might make you not want to listen to the song, but it’s actually really good. I’m kind of a sucker for breakup songs, which Hollyn has been releasing lately because she JUST GOT ENGAGED. She went through some horrible relationships before God brought this super successful one into her life, so she wanted to share her journey with her followers. It’s really catchy and I love it so so SO much. I may do a cover of it on my YouTube channel, as I am practicing my singing skills for a play that I’m doing in January in my new city.

All that to say, the song is good, don’t let the lyrics scare you, and if you’re a happy Hollyn fan, give it a try.

You Won’t by Hollyn

You won’t give your heart a chance to break
Standing in the shallows safe
Wish I could make you want to
‘Cause you’re something I can’t undo
People say whatever falls just breaks
But we could be the ones who stay
Wish I could make you want to
But I know it’s something that you won’t do

Okay, okay, I promise that the NEXT Hollyn song is not a sappy breakup song. I promise.

Isaac by Hollyn

You’re faithful to me, I’m faithful to You
You loved me first, no questions asked
You’re faithful to me, I’m faithful to You
‘Cause You loved me first, no questions asked

See? This one is happy? It talks about God’s faithful promises towards his children. If you hate all the other ones, AT LEAST listen to this one! It’s amazing!

Light in the Dark by Cristabelle Braden

You’re my light in the dark
Caught me off guard
You light up my heart
Got me on fire
Lighting a spark
Never saw it coming now
Can’t live without my light in the dark

This young lady goes to my church and she just released this amazing album full of songs that are full of life and faith. You can find them anywhere (everywhere) songs are sold, so please go support her by giving her a listen on YouTube or on Spotify. You won’t regret it.

Melody by Cristabelle Braden

Teach me your melody
Oh Spirit sing to me
This world is out of tune
So tune me to you
When you come back Lord
I’ll be ready
If you’re my melody

I love this song, although the meaning is still slightly unclear to me. Maybe you can figure it out?

Start With Hello by Cristabelle Braden

Will you hear me out while I tell you ’bout my day?
Got a lot on my mind don’t know what to say
And I know you know what I’m thinking anyway
So I’m just gonna start with hello
I don’t know about how to put it into words
All I got is my heart can we make it work?
‘Cause I need you God I don’t know where else to turn
So I’m just gonna start with hello

I’m going to be releasing a devotional on prayer in a couple weeks, but this song really got me thinking about the openness of prayer. Another song similar to this is Broken Prayers by Riley Clemmons, if you’ve heard me talk about it on here before. I think that God truly desires to have conversations with us, and it doesn’t have to be religious or anything. Just us and God. Talking. Pouring out our hearts. But also listening. Hearing His voice. Letting him speak over us. (We’re gonna talk a lot about this in February!)

And that’s it! A whooping six songs to start your year off right! And if you think about it, there are even BONUS songs because Christabelle has a whole album you can check out, available everywhere music is sold.

I love you guys so so SO much and I believe in starting the year off right––including what we listen to. Since you guys are so busy and some of you have some big midterm exams likely looming over the horizon, let me douse the internal flames with a treat: TWO Youtube videos instead of one. Love you guys, and I’ll catch ya on the flip side.

Start With Hello, Cristabelle Braden
Isaac, Hollyn

P.S. In case you guys are wondering, Mimiko decided that Positive Playlist is not her thing. She’s feeling much much better, but she will be hosting some of the character interviews in the spring instead of Positive Playlist. The reason is because she got transferred to my events department doing special announcements and things. She’s better at yelling than she is at writing.



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