New Year // New Us // New Goals

Hi everybody! HAP-HAP-HAPPPPPPPPPY NEW YEAR! It’s Hazel, and I’m so glad to see you again after such a long break! It’s been a while since I updated this blog, unfortunately, but I’m way excited to begin writing again. I’ve been focusing on other, very important, non-blogging projects, such as MY FAMILY, OUR MOVE, and MY EMOTIONAL WELLBEING. Those are very important. I’m also starting a new after school theater…thing, and I have been practicing my audition as well. That’s what been keeping me rather busy, and rather not with you guys, but I’m back!

I have been learning a lot in my spiritual life and mental life and things, a lot about positivity and choosing faith over fear. I must (emphasis on MUST) write a post about that when I have the time. While I write, I am also doing my study guide for Algebra II. What’s that, Mimiko? I have time management goals for 2019 that don’t include unnecessary internet usage? OY. Assistants.

You see guys, 2018 is coming to an end, and I don’t want to be the high-horsed blogger who doesn’t act like this year was literal poop. Okay? It was serious poop. I still have my list from last year, and while this year was a year of growth for me, it wasn’t exactly a “goal-crushing” year. That’s okay. Every season of life is different. Mine had to be different this year, but I’m WAY PUMPED for new new newness. The “new” spirit in the air is making me jump up and down with excitement.

Let’s take a look at how some of last year’s goals went….shall we?

I divided my goals into different characters, as per my Dad’s suggestion. The categories I listed were Spiritual, Relational, Academic, Business, and Personal, so that I had goals pertaining to every area I could think of. That’s the best way to make your goals specific and easier to achieve.

I had a goal to read about 20 books of the Bible (Spiritual). *whistles through teeth* I didn’t do too well on that one.

I had a goal to devote an hour to chores so that I could lend a hand for my Mom (Relational). I spent more hours writing then I did doing chores.

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I had a goal to pass my classes with an A, except for the two hard classes in which I figured a B was good enough. Is it okay to share that I failed those two hard classes? Will the FSP (Failing Student Police) come find me?

I had a goal to write two novels this year. Not even the first one is finished. Phalooey.

I had a goal to get 100 subscribed on my blog. YIPPEEEEEEE. That’s the only goal I’ve listed so far that I actually achieved.

Well, I didn’t do too hot, so maybe I should share some of my 2019 goals. I toned down on the aggressiveness with this year’s goals. I actually want to achieve some of them instead of look back through the year and say, “Wait that was a goal of mine? For real? I didn’t even pursue that!”

So, without further ado, 2019 goals.


  • To read the whole New Testament
  • To grow in my prayer life, learning how to pray specifically and effectively towards specific needs
  • To grow in choosing faith over fear



  • To spend more time one-on-one with both of my siblings
  • To learn how to lead them diplomatically
  • To help them in subjects that maybe I’m stronger in and they might not be (i’msuchagoodsisteramirite?)
  • One-on-one dates with Mom and Dad
  • To edify each of my present family members to others when meeting them for the first time


  • To work on being more encouraging to my friends
  • To work on active listening skills


  • To work on my Time Management skills
  • To study needed vocabulary every day



  • To finish Dancing Among the Stars by May and start [book 2] over the summer
  • To raise enough money to buy an entire home in Nicaragua by this time next year
  • To do a local book fair this spring to promote my book
  • To write a devotional
  • To buy a domain name (fingers crossed)
  • To be able to draw and design my own book covers
  • To get my books in retail stores. That must happen!
  • To start plotting and writing a little bit of ——————

Hey, It’s Hazel

  • To get 300 subscribers on my blog
  • To get 300 subscribers on my YouTube channel


  • To explore new places in Atlanta with my family
  • To rest from work during Shabbat
  • *to be in a movie* *fingers crossed*

Thank you for reading this post. I’m sorry it’s January 3rd *fp* I had some technological setbacks over the Holidays, but I’m back now and ready to press the bench! That made absolutely ZERO sense! I haven’t had any coffee this morning. Adios.

P.S. Folks! NEARLY FORGOT. Tell me your winter birthdays so I can put them up! This move has been so crazy I nearly forgot. If your birthday lies between December and February, comment down below so I can feature you! Okay bye!


9 thoughts on “New Year // New Us // New Goals

  1. Happy New Year! Good luck on your resolutions and don’t worry about not always accomplishing them. Sometimes more important ones pop up mid year that we couldn’t even know about at the start and they take up a lot of our time.

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