Positive Playlist December

Hey guys! *cough*

It’s Mimiko *cough* and I’m *cough* really excited to *cough* see you *cough*. UGH. This is NOT my week. I’ve been really sick lately, and to top it off, I missed Positive Playlist November!

See, Hazel “lost” my post somewhere, and by the time she found it, *cough* the date for November had passed! I was very angry, so she promised me that I could do Positive Playlist December to make up for it, but now I’m sick! *cough* Now I can hardly talk, I drink chicken soup erry day, and I’m miserable!


Anyways, I’m getting paid extra for this because I should be off today for my illness, so let’s get on with it. *cough*

So, because it’s *cough* almost Christmas time, *cough* everybody is listening to Christmas music. *COUGH COUGH COUGH* Whoo, sorry. *sips tea* Anyway, I’d like to share with you my new favorite Christmas band and then an old favorite to wrap up the day!

So you may or may not be familiar with the band Anthem Lights, but if you are, *cough* you may know a gentleman by the name of Caleb Grimm? He and his wife Kelsey sing songs and they just put out *cough* a CHRISTMAS ALBUM! *cough* I could not be more excited! Their music is just TOUCHED and its so beautiful. Listen to *cough* that song up there its *cough* really *cough* a treat *COUGH COUGH COUGH*. UGH! Hazel, bring me more tea, mine’s getting cold.

And then we’re probably very familiar with the ever popular Pentatonix group, and we’ll see if they release a FIFTH Christmas album this year. How many Christmas albums could they possibly need to sell? Rumor has it they have a new dude in the group. If he can sing decently, its likely they’ll want to show the public…by releasing a fifth Christmas album. *cough* Enjoy this song from their fourth album, Christmas is Here, with that new guy they found. (Or is that their fifth album….?)

Thank you all for joining us for Positive Playlist! Please comment below your favorite Christmas song and we’ll see you later! I have no *cough* idea what will be happening next. I need to go lie down. *gets up and leaves*

P.S. Mimiko is feeling AWFUL right now! Please wish her well down below! ~Hazel


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